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Memorial Park

A mural on the Toilet Block in Memorial Park, Mountt Victoria.

lindena's murals - memorial park

We love the style and subtle use of colour in this mural.

blackheath area neighbourhood centre
blackheath area neighbourhood centre

Completed in 2015 for Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre in Mt Victoria

Client brief

Figurative images to compliment the history of Mt Victoria village.

A mix of the age of grand tourism by people in Mt Victoria and visitors to our region. Mural to be an organic shape, preferably not to fill the entire wall but to flow gently toward edges.

Meeting with the local Historical Society to discuss and collect relevant material for the design.

I selected a monochromatic scale to enhance the sense of history, which the Historical Society appreciated.

Production details

Deluxe Wheathershield Paint. Blue Mt.Council coated the wall with anti graffiti paint.

What people have said

Young children adored the detail of the 'Babe' poster on the Mt Vic Flicks wall (in the mural).

Many people stood reciting the poem The Ghost of the Second Bridge by Henry Lawson, (especially young teenagers) rendered on the right of the mural.

Many locals and tourists came to discuss memories and the history of the area while I was painting.

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