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Professor Stuart Hill

This outdoor mural was commissioned to celebrate and depict the interests of entomologist, Professor Stuart Hill on his 75th birthday.

lindena's murals - professor stuart hill

Completed in 2019 in Blackheath

Client brief

I interviewed Stuart to find out what his passions were and what images he wanted in the work.

He is an Entomologist who finds all of life fascinating.

He spoke about living in a cave to study all the insects and creatures who made their homes there.

He also spoke of a particular water dragon, black cockatoos, bats and plants.

So I had plenty of information to transform into a work of art to enhance Stuart's glorious garden.

Now he works in his garden with the artwork smiling down on him.

Production details

The work is 2.5m long and is attached to the external wall of Stuart's garden shed/study.

What people have said

Professor Hill was delighted with the result. Even the neighbour sent a text applauding the addition to her view.

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