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Welcome Mosaic

A sparkling sign to welcome people to our school and hide an area that was desolate and dark.

lindena's murals - welcome mosaic

"We all love it," said the Principal and staff." Now, our school is beautiful," said the children.

st. patricks primary school
st. patricks primary school

Completed in 2017 for St. Patricks Primary School in Lithgow, NSW

Client brief

This Mosaic design was commissioned to welcome people into the school.

The client wanted it to incorporate mirror tiles and coloured tiles, as the area was desolate and dark.

Once completed it was put in place to the delight of the students and teachers. It brings light and life to the area, and many compliments to the school.

This Mosaic work will enhance the school for many years to come.

A colourful sparkling exterior mosaic 6 m x 1m featuring the word welcome with a cross at each end. Mirror tiles were to be incorporated into the design. It needs to be warm, sparkly, and welcoming to brighten up the entrance to the school.

Production details

5 pieces of Marmox Board, sealer, outdoor adhesive, glass, tiles and exterior weatherproof grout. The mosaic was created in Lindena's studio and delivered to the school to be attached to the wall by the Janitor.

It is a 6 x 1mtr. mosaic created in the studio on 1 mtr. exterior Weathertex panels.

All materials are weather proof and designed for external use.

What people have said

The kids clapped and called out words of praise. Parents thanked me for making the school so beautiful. It shines and sparkles through the day, welcoming all those who enter the school.

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