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Medlow Bath Bus Shelter

Brighten up and beautify the bus shelter.

lindena's murals - medlow bath bus shelter

We used to hate sitting in the ugly bus stop before, but now it's so beautiful, we love it.

medlow bath residents association
medlow bath residents association

Completed in 2016 for Medlow Bath Residents Association in Medlow Bath

Client brief

Brighten up and beautify the bus shelter with images of native plants and perhaps fauna.

Sponsored by Medlow Bath Resident's Association. Supported by Blue Mountains' City Council.

Production details

Turps based sealer undercoat and Deluxe Weathershield paint.

Blue Mountains Council coated the bus shelter with Anti Graffiti paint.

What people have said

Positive feedback from all passers-by.

Cars stopped and people got out to discuss the work and show appreciation.

Locals said they enjoyed seeing it when they walked or drove past.

This was a peaceful place to work, which allowed me to enjoy the rhythms of the day, the birds, the train, the strolling locals, their kids and dogs.

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