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Selwood Vet exterior Mural

lindena's murals - selwood vet exterior mural

It is a simple yet dramatic and informative design that has attracted a lot of attention.

selwood house vet
selwood house vet

Completed in 2017 for Selwood House Vet

Client brief

The client wanted their logo painted on an exterior wall, as a form of advertising.

To paint their Selwood House logo on the exterior wall of the practice, while adding more images, like plants and insects to complement the logo and balance the space.

They also asked me to add some other features to the design to fill the wall space.

Production details

The wall was scrubbed, and painted with 3 coats of Dulux Weathershield, and protected with a clear coat on top.

What people have said

A wonderful way to show our logo.

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