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Soibhans Livingroom Murals

Internal mural on the wall of the living room

lindena's murals - soibhans livingroom murals

Your imagination and your eagerness to work with our ideas created a beautiful design we will cherish always.

private home
private home

Completed in 2015 for Private home in Blackheath

Client brief

An internal mural to complement the high ceiling and large living room of their home which was a renovated church. The wall to paint was 9 metres long.

They asked for a Magnolia tree in bloom and a Pine tree, with pine cones.

Extra features were added as the project developed, a lantern on the dark wall, tromploy gold chains to appear to hang their paintings from the branches and a pond.

Production details

Deluxe interior paints and artists quality acrylics. Protective clear coating.

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