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St Patricks Tryptic

A mural commissioned by St Patricks Primary School in Lithgow in 2016. It is painted on exterior panels and adhered to the corrugated iron wall. The symbols of water, gum nuts, leaves, mountains, sunset, the Southern Cross and the Josephite cross were all requested by the school.

lindena's murals - st patricks tryptic

Everyone - parents, teachers and most importantly children - love your creativity.

st patricks primary school in lithgow
st patricks primary school in lithgow

Completed in 2016 for St Patricks Primary School in Lithgow in Lithgow

Client brief

A tryptic on panels to be adhered to an exterior corrugated iron wall.

Each panel 2m x 1.2m.

This work was to depict

1. Baptizmal Waters

2. The Josephite Cross

3 The Blue Mountains

4 The Southern Cross

5 Gum leaves and gum nuts.

Production details

Deluxe Weathershield Paint on Wheathertex panels, protected by an exterior clear coat.

The artwork was rendered in Lindena's studio and delivered to the site, where the janitor fixed them to the wall

What people have said

Painting this mural was a delight as the images were so symbolic, clear and pleasing. Using 3 shades of gold for the Josephine Cross was deeply satisfying. It glowed in the dark of the studio, when I turned the lights out at night, especially if the full moon shon through the windows.

The Tryptic brought life and colour into the playground when it was attached to the corrected wall. Staff, parents and children praised the work.

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